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Eddie AFMC
Thanks for your kind words Cathy & I appreciate everything you did for me & us back in the early days! L/R
29 June 2017 - USA

Cathy Albritton (Sara Miller) |
I cannot believe how large your MC has become. I am so proud of all of the founding members and I wish you all "Happy Trails".
27 June 2017 - Christmas, Floida

Tonka |
Congrats on another annual Brothers. Love you all . Be your pledge live your pledge.
10 June 2017 - Arizona

Tonka |
Have a safe ride to the annual.Love you, live your pledge be your pledge.Love you Cracker, 8ball, Curley
7 June 2017 - Arizona

Barney |
Would like to wish all my Brothers and their families a very happy New Year. May you and yours be blessed with everything that you deserve. L/R to all. 1/6TNF
2 January 2017 - South Carolina

Lee |
Have had a great experience spending time with this Club, great group of honest good people.
19 December 2016 - Fayetteville NC

Enjoyed the comradeship during my membership,.1st to patch In Wisconsin,. Stay true to your creed!
7 October 2016

Matt Turner |
It was awesome meeting you Guys today at DD's Eddie,Cliff ,Sandy , you guys are awesome and it was a pleasure talking with you Guys . See ya in Jacksonville!
4 September 2016 - Kernersville, NC /DD's Burnout Saloon.

Ed Hotel |
Had a great time today on the poker run, great group of guys. See you next year.
2 July 2016 - Virginia Beach, VA

Tyler Smith |
Met the men of the Jacksonville NC chapter. Great group of guys, ride safe!
16 June 2016 - Jacksonville NC

Michael Adkins |
Just wanted to say hello! Ride free, ride safe!!!!
22 April 2016 - Kentucky

Prospect Tazer |
Just wanted to say hello.
18 April 2016 - Kingsland, GA

Enrique |
I'm very sad knowing that Gadget is no longer with us. May the angels guard his way for they know the road ahead. Ride in peace my friend. I'll catch up with you later.
22 February 2016 - Titusville FL.

Rick |
I met D-Day yesterday , he turned me on to the club and the site. just poking around site. Ride free , shiny side up, and Keep the Faith
4 February 2016 - South Carolina

D-Day (AFMC) |
The Website looks friggin great. Raisin pie to the webmaster. Brothers, I love ya and I AM my Brother's Keeper. D-Day
2 February 2016 - My World

Webmaster comments   Thanks Brother!

Mark Melanson |
Just saying Hello to you all and Love to my Brother in law Yearound, Happy New Year to you all.
2 January 2016 - Maine

Brian Neal |
Saw a post for an upcoming event through your Mississippi Chapter and looked up your website for information on joining. Great looking website! Ride safe!
13 November 2015 - Pass Christian, MS.

Prospect Steven HI |
Hope everyone is well, ride safe and hope to meet everyone in the near future.
11 October 2015 - Hawaii

Prospect Wade |
Just saying Hi and can't wait to meet everyone and ride. Ride safe Ride free.
29 September 2015 - Kentucky Chapter

Andy Power |
Lost my 2 older brothers in Vietnam. Would've loved to ride w/ y'all before both my legs were amputated in '09! But THANK YOU for your service & keepin the world safer for my 4 kids & 3 grandchildren - I salute all y'all!!!
3 September 2015 - Stem, NC

Lori |
I came on 3 of you on I-75 in Mt. Morris Mi. today so i looked you up. I think it is great that there is a club out there for military people. I used to love to ride on the back of a bike. Keep up the good work!!!
30 August 2015 - Mt. Morris Michigan

Cpl Todd 'Burn' Petersen |
Just wanted to say hi to all the guys from J-ville, NC that were there around 88-92 as well as the charter member and all since. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ronald M 'Crash' Taylor? Lost contact after he got transferred to Hawaii and would like to contact again. Semper Fi all and ride safe.
9 August 2015 - Minnesota

Ned |
Sure lovin the ride! Wish we had some updated pics.
20 July 2015 - Detroit

J Avalos usn |
Didn't know that there was a mc for the armed forces. Great to have my support.
11 July 2015 - Northern California

Sgt Terry, USMC |
Im dropping in to share the love of the brotherhood. I've been active duty for the last 7 years and I enjoy appreciate every service member I come across.
5 July 2015 - St Louis, Mo

Brothers, just stopping in to say hi from the great north. miss you all! L, L&R
20 May 2015 - Alaska

Great job on the website 8-Ball!! Looking' forward to seeing as many Brothers as possible at the Big Dance
19 April 2015 - Western

Tonka |
Excellent Job Brother, Thankyou
1 February 2015 - California

Prospect John |
Looking forward to meeting and talking to everyone when possible.
20 January 2015 - Vine Grove, Kentucky

D-Day |
Brothers, we Love you all throughout the AFMC Nation. Mele Kalikimaka and God Bless the AFMC Family.
25 December 2014 - Hawaii

Dirt |
A quick shout-out to my brothers. miss you all. L/R
22 December 2014 - Afghanistan

Jacob jambon |
Thanks to all veterans and those still serving our country. If not for y'all, we would not have the freedom we have. See y'all in Gulfport Blowout Cajun camp.
9 November 2014 - Golden meadow Louisiana

Corinne (Birdmans Widow) Hoard |
To all AFMC around the world, THANK YOU. For all your support, & love in this trying time. Thank you for showing me yet another family who cares about me and the kids. I'm very lucky to call you all family!
19 August 2014 - Belle Fourche, SD

Tracy |
I came up behind some of you guys on Hwy 70 in New Bern and my curiosity got the better of me so I looked you up when I got home. I think you guys are awesome for being out there on such a yucky rainy day and thanks so much for the sacrifices you all have made for our country.
3 August 2014 - New Bern, NC

Looks GREAT Brother thanks for the hard work. LLR
1 August 2014

Looking great brother.
28 July 2014 - Florida

8 Ball |
Welcome to your new National website brothers.
19 July 2014 - Dawsonville